• Vegetarian

    • No. 1

      $ 9.75

      One gordita, one cheese enchilada and fried
      bean burrito.

    • No. 2

      $ 9.75

      One fried bean burrito, one cheese enchilada
      and one cheese quesadilla.

    • No. 3

      $ 9.75

      Two chile rellenos with rice and refried beans.

    • Quesadilla Tijuana

      $ 9.75

      Four slices of cheese quesadilla served with
      grilled red, yellow and green bell peppers
      and onions with a side of guacamole and
      sour cream.

    • Fajitas Rancheras

      $ 9.75

      Grilled mushrooms, red, yellow, green bell
      peppers and onions. Served with mixed
      vegetables and a mexican salad.