• Enchiladas

    • Enchiladas Supremas

      Enchiladas Supremas

      $ 9.99

      Combination of one chicken one refried beans one cheese and one beef enchilada topped with white shredded cheese, cheese dip, red ranchero sauce, pico de gallo and sour cream.

    • Enchiladas Yolandas

      $ 10.25

      Three corn enchiladas your choice of shredded
      chicken or ground beef. Served with rice, lettuce,
      tomatoes and guacamole.

    • Enchiladas Rancheras

      $ 9.49

      Two cheese enchiladas, topped with grilled
      shredded pork, ranchero sauce and served with
      rice, lettuce and topped with guacamole

    • Fiesta Enchiladas

      $ 9.79

      Four packed full-flavored flour Enchiladas
      your choice of shredded chicken, beef, pork or
      ground beef. Each one individually served with
      four of our best sauces.

    • Enchiladas Jalisco

      Enchiladas Jalisco

      $ 10.25

      Three flour tortillas each one topped with a
      different sauce red, green, white and topped
      with shredded cheese your choice of shredded
      chicken or ground beef.

    • Enchiladas Blancas

      $ 10.25

      Three flour tortillas your choice of shredded chicken
      or ground beef topped with your choice of a creamy
      withe sauce or yellow sauce.